Saturday, May 14, 2011


It's been several months, but I am now getting around to posting about the playground that was donated to my village last December. One of our tourists, Michael Sheppard from the U.K. came in 2009 wanted to help out the village. With the help of one of my counterparts, Kofi, we put Mike in contact with the local preschool, which needed assistance with school fees. Last summer, I believe, Mike ran a marathon in London to raise more funds for the school. Together, Mike, Kofi, and I decided to put those funds towards repairing the existing playground. Thanks to Mike, we were able to replace the old rusted equipment with new parts to make a see-saw, swing set, and a merry-go-round. We were also able to buy another swing set and a new slide. Take a look for yourself:

These three welders came to my village from Hohoe to design and build the playground. It only took them a couple of days, which was really impressive.

Swing set, before.

New Slide

The top part of the Merry-go-round was sitting in one of the classrooms, collecting dust, and there was this random pole sticking out of the ground. It makes much more sense this way!

All the kids knew something was happening, and they were so excited!

YAY!!!! New Playground!!! (I'm sure that's something like what they were saying.)

This thing is actually a lot of fun!

I just want to say, Thanks again to Mike. I really feel for these kids, because they don't get a lot of attention or toys- that's just the way things are here in Ghana. But the kids are the ones that will correct my Ewe and laugh and play with me, so I was excited and eager to reward them. Kids in Ghana have to do so much around the house for their mothers (fetching water, cleaning, taking care of babies) and they have to help their fathers at farm. Not to mention going to school, which is taught in English. I think the kids are so awesome and adorable, so, on behalf of all the children of Liati Wote, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! AKPE KRA KRA KRA!


Theresa Mattiello said...

These children are beautiful!! I'm so glad that some random guy from the UK helped them out! Can't wait until you get to come home! We should take off on a roadtrip at some point before I have to start class again! Love you!

Jeremiah Paddock said...

Love the post! When we both get home we should pig out on American food. I mean SERIOUSLY pig out. Also maybe drive around. Cars are cool. You me and Emily can all share mine.

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