Sunday, June 28, 2009

I woke up at 4 AM to a chorus of Roosters

Everyday is very busy with business classes in the morning and language classes in the afternoon. Sometimes they switch it up and we have language classes in the morning and business classes in the afternoon. In language I just feel confused and in business I feel bored, but I figure training always sucks, no matter what job it is. Next week we are about to head over to my part of the country: the Volta region on a field trip. I am especially excited to see Ho (mainly because I'm still immature enough to be amused by a city named "Ho") and the area I'll be living for the next two years.

Last week we played a game of American Football, which the Ghanaians found quite amusing. There has also been some kind of festival going on this past week, which involved us going to the Palace and greeting the major chiefs from this area. We had to bring them firewood, for some reason. I think they were going to slaughter a goat, but we, unfortunately, had to miss that part of the ceremony.

I still get a kick out of public transportation here. The other night we managed to cram seven people, including the driver into one taxi.

We are working on several projects for the town, including individual internships and helping out with a palm oil production facility. We also visited a vocational school nearby to analyze how we could improve the program and increase enrollment.

My host sister, Erica, recently gave birth to a baby girl, who is named Brittany. So the family has been very very excited. I still haven't quite figured out my family, in Ghana everyone is your brother and sister, so it's hard to figure out who is actually related!

Today I did laundry, by hand. It is a lot harder than I thought it would be, because I usually have three or four experts looking over my should while I attempt to clean my clothes. Usually my host mom just gets exasperated and takes over!

Tonight I'll be watching the football game at my friend's house. I think I could really enjoy watching soccer!

More Fun Facts!

- Bars here are called "Spots." The PCTs have already become fixtures at the Spots around Maase. I'm only there because, Charlotte, who owns a spot, speaks Ewe. It's a LEARNING experience... really.

- I learned that 3% of Ghana has AIDs. I can tell you all about HIV and AIDs, and by next week I should be able to tell you all about malaria, too. Our PCMO (Peace Corps Medical Officer) keeps us well informed, and turns us into hypochondriacs.

- The best food, by consensus among us PCTs is Jollof Rice. So so so good!

- The worst food, by consensus is Fufu. Tastes like wallpaper paste.

- Cheese is a hot commodity. So if anyone wants to send me some Velveeta or something, I won't object.

- Ghanaians will say, "I'm coming" as they walk away. Ghanaian men like to hold hands with one another, and it's not seen as sexual at all. And the Ghanaian women will use a two yard (piece of fabric) for just about everything: towel, dress, sheets, to tie their baby to their back.

- I still haven't learned how to hold things on my head, but hopefully I'll be able to do by the time I leave.


Theresa Mattiello said...

Hey! Great post! I'm glad you're starting to get comfortable with your surroundings and you're making friends! I'm going to send you some stuff soon, I just have to double check with the post office that I can use the flat rate APO/FPO boxes I have. I will just send you some things I think I would want overseas, including Velvetta! I can't imagine not having cheese at my beck and call all the time!!! Well, be safe! Love you! :)

Susan C said...

Great blog - I'm glad to see you were able to get internet connection today. I have tried several times to call you this afternoon but couldn't get thru. Will send you a care pkg soon!

Miss you and Love you,

Megan said...

I'm glad you're having a good time, Katie...sure class isn't a lot of fun, but you'll get to the other stuff soon enough. I hope you don't take the language classes at the bar too may not be learning words everyone wants to hear! I hope you enjoy your trip to Ho (that makes me laugh too, by the way). Love you, Katie!

Anonymous said...

Katie!! great to hear from you again. Sounds like everything is going well! ( : I will remember what food to not and not eat in Ghana in the crazy case that i may be able to come. Sounds awesome and i am so happy for you. You can make it through the training, and then you will get to the Fun stuff!! Luv ya girl ! ~Dottie ( :

Anonymous said...

Reading this was the highlight of my day! You sound like you're having fun (aside from the fufu and the dullness of classes). I hope you're enjoying everyone there and that your host family and fellow pcts are nice. Sounds like you're having some amazing experiences! I can't wait to read your next blog entry! Love you!

Katie Caldwell said...

Theresa, you would officially be my hero if you sent me Velveeta. I think I almost passed out from excitement at the thought of it!

Mom, I'm glad we finally got a chance to talk!

Megan, I knew I wasn't the only one! ;)

Thanks, Dot, Thanks, Sarah, I'm hanging in there!