Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Day in Bunso

Yesterday, the SED group went to Bunso Arboretum. It is located between Maase and Accra, and holy crap, it was so beautiful. We were finally learning about ecotourism and how it affects Ghanaian business. That was one lesson I couldn't sleep through.

After the lesson, we got a guided tour of the Arboretum by one of Ghana's finest tour guides - he won an award. We saw a ton of beautiful trees and plant life that I probably cannot really appreciate, since I am not botanist. But they were very cool. This is a picture of one of the trees that was all around the Arboretum:

We also saw a tree with its roots hanging from the treetops. Two guys in my group actually managed to climb up the roots. I, however, will not be climbing in the trees!

There are these berries that grow all over Ghana, that we tried in Bunso, called "Sweet Berries." They are freaking amazing. After you suck on it for a couple of minutes, the sweetness lingers in your mouth. The taste of the berries is so strong that everything you eat afterward also tastes sweet! We tried some oranges that weren't yet ripe, and after the berries the oranges tasted great!

Overall, yesterday was very very cool and refreshing.


Stephanie said...

Ok part of that post was a little erotic. No more comments.

Theresa Mattiello said...

Glad you got a little time to relax today! :)

Susan C said...

Nice tree! Look for a little something in the mail within 6-10 days!


Katie Caldwell said...

6-10 days? I'll believe it when I see it! (I guess technically, it'll be in Ghana in 6-10 days, it's just getting from Accra to the hub site that takes so long!)