Sunday, July 12, 2009

I Shook Michelle Obama's Hand!!!

Obama gave a farewell speech in Ghana, and we got to attend!

Unfortunately, I couldn't get to shake Obama's hand, but I did get to Michelle! I prefer her hand anyway.

The PCTs were lucky enough to attend as well as current PCVs and US employees in Ghana, such as embassy workers. You can see a few of the other PCTs in the pictures, but I couldn't find myself in there. It's not surprising because I was behind three tall guys. :(

Oh well, the speech was amazing, and I got to meet a lot of volunteers that aren't involved with training. Overall that weekend was very cool.


Susan C said...

That's so neat! I watched his speech on the CNN website (Good-bye Ghana) and saw all the PCVs yelling and waving their hands. Was her hand nice and soft?


Katie Caldwell said...

It sure was!

Jerry Hilgenberg said...

Hey Katie,

Deb and I were recently in Egypt on the day of Barack's speech (June 4) in Cairo. It was a pretty exciting day --- most Egyptians had the day off and Barack's helicopter landed in the back parking lot of our hotel and he ran in and changed clothes! Big secret.