Thursday, July 23, 2009

My Tribute to FanIce

(Everything here is consumed in plastic bags...)

Believe it or not, if you plan on eating in Ghana, then you must be prepared to bite into a baggie first.

In some cases the plastic bag idea is genius. Those cases usually involve gin and whiskey, which you can purchase as little sachets that equal about one shot. These only cost about 20 Pesewas, or less than a Quarter.

In a plastic bag, you can also buy chop, or fast food. In said bag, you usually find fried rice, a piece of chicken, and a hard boiled egg. The trick is to learn how to best go about eating this delicious meal... without silverware. The method I prefer is to open baggie, first eat the chicken, tie the bag back together. Next, bite a hole about the size of a dime in one corner of the bag. Squeeze the contents of the bag out of corner and into your mouth. Enjoy delicious Ghanaian McDonalds.

Another thing I constantly consume out of plastic is water, which is actually probably a bad thing, environmentally. Economically it's great, only costs about 5-10 Pesewas. Luckily a company called Trashy Bags recycles water sachets to prduce wallets and change purses.

Finally, the most glorious thing to come out of a plastic bag in Ghana is...

FANICE!!! FanIce is Ghana's ice cream substitute. It tastes like frozen vanilla frosting, and is basically the most wonderful thing ever. If you come to Ghana, see the waterfalls, mountains, monkeys, and hippos. But first be sure to experience FanIce, the REAL attraction in Ghana!

And the moral of the story? We seriously need FanIce in the US... oh and whiskey sachets for only 10 cents! ;)


meremortal said...

Hey how much is a pesewas in American currency ?

btw - whiskey sachets for .10 would be great; I agree!

Katie Caldwell said...

I thought you would agree. Um, 10 Pesewas is probably like 5-7 cents.

Anonymous said...

Dad you are nuts!-Jennifer