Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Happy Halloween

Well, unfortunately, Halloween is a foreign concept to Ghana, which a few of the PCVs tried to rectify in Ho- costumes and all. I, on the other hand, had other plans. Last weekend, I experienced my first funeral in Liati. I know it may sound morbid, but what better way to celebrate Halloween than with a funeral?

Maybe I should first explain that funerals in Ghana are a little different than funerals in America. As an outsider, looking in, one could easily be fooled that you are just witnessing a big celebration. Family members and friends from all over the country gather in the village, there is music, dancing, food, booze, and everyone is dressed to the nines, either in black or red. And some people do come out for just the social aspect and free beer. But most are there to celebrate and remember the people that passed.

A lot of the time, there will be several funerals the same weekend, I guess to help those that have to travel. So this weekend, we celebrated three men, two were older, but one was only 33 years old. As a result, our funeral was a bit more somber since the man was fairly young.

So, I'm glad I was a part of this cultural experience, but i think next time, I'll probably crash at a friend's site that weekend. As far as other celebrations go, I'm having the Hohoe crew over this weekend for pizza, with REAL cheese! So Exciting! And for Thanksgiving, the American Ambassador invited us over in Accra, which should be fun. I bet the food'll be amazing. So, I am sad to be missing out of my American holiday traditions, but I thought I'd reassure y'all that we are still having a good time celebrating our own way here in Ghana.

Cheers, Katie


Anonymous said...

I think we should mimic the Ghanaians' and throw down for funerals. I am glad you had a fun Halloween. Love and miss you. (Thanksgiving and X-mas won't be the same with out you)

Anonymous said...

That was left by me Jennifer your sis<3

Debbie said...

Hi Katie ma ladie; it's your neighbor Debbie. You are certainly living an interesting life!

Your mom & dad came over Halloween night with a bowl of candy that they let us replenish ours from; they caught us in the middle of a disagreement on when to cut off the scary audio tape and how loud it should be. I told them Dan was doing it all backwards. I wanted the music louder (searched for the Cramps, but to no avail) since it was getting later, for the older crowd, but he was turning it down! It was still a fun time...

I can still vividly see you at our front door dressed in your princes(?) outfit. You were sooo pretty!

Take good care!


Anonymous said...

Hey Katie.. glad to hear that you have people to spend thanksgiveing with over in Ghana. Sounds like it is an awesome adventure over there!! Halloween sounds like it was pretty interesting! I am catching up on your blog now. ( : hope you are doing great. Luv ya girl and miss you!

Theresa Mattiello said...

I miss you!!!! Keep the updates coming. We're all gearing up for christmas here and its getting cold! Bet it's still nice and warm over there!