Saturday, May 29, 2010

Only 2 Weeks... And Counting

Okay, technically, like 16 days? But I am getting so, so excited! And stressed. So what's on the American to-do list? Here are a few ideas, and feel free to post other ideas for the complete American experience!

Hanging with friends and family, priority number one

Eat: burgers, tacos, COFFEE, french fries, BBQ (Stamey's here I come), Mom's spaghetti, Dad's everything else (Love you guys!), soul food, Japanese, Indian, Thai, and lots and lots of SALADS (I anticipate leaving about 15 pounds heavier, but oh well)

Going to the movies


Going to the parks in Greensboro

Driving the Blue Ridge Parkway

Canoe down a river in the mountains



Watching trashy TV

Going to many bookstores


Going to a show or two

So, yeah, I think that about covers it. Update in Africa? Last weekend, I went to my first Ghanaian engagement ceremony. I had kind of hoped that the stereotypes were just that, but unfortunately there was some truth to them, in this case. The guy was old and rich and the girl was young and beautiful. Apparently, to marry, a man has to have a ton of stuff to give to the bride-to-be's family. We're talking, money for several family members, not just parents, cloth, booze, palm wine in the gallons, kente, beads, appliances, and more. I definitely saw an affluent engagement ceremony. But, usually this ceremony is what deters men from marrying at a young age. They have to earn enough to be accepted by the bride's family.

It was definitely different than our dating/engagement rituals. And I'll be honest, I still have a hard time grasping the mating rituals in this country. But it was kind of cool that they still have these traditions. And some parts of the ceremony were entertaining.

Today, I am avoiding the village and hanging out with a friend in Hohoe. There is a funeral this weekend. And it can get a little crazy. Especially since this one is at my house.

I am getting really excited, and I look forward to seeing all of y'all!

<3 Katie


Anonymous said...

I'm excited, too - Can't wait to see you!!!

PS: My spaghetti, really?


Anonymous said...

You need to add a visit to Camp Tekoa! Just for a bit, no need to stay the night but at least maybe a day and a ride on the zipline? I can't wait for you to fulfill that to do list and if you need help in the food dept. I would love to tag along! <3 Jennifer

Theresa Mattiello said...

I'm insanely excited that you are coming home! I'll be in greensboro the 21st-25th!! cannot wait!!! :)