Saturday, July 17, 2010

Back at Site

Wow, what a whirlwind. I loved coming home to see everyone, but now it's back to work. And what's the first thing that happens? I get sick, go figure. But only a little. Believe it or not, the weather here is cooler than it was in North Carolina. So, I've been feeling cold and a little under the weather.

Today, I am in Ho for the day to hang out with a lot of volunteers. We are going to a pool, which should be different and fun. It's also the first time I'm seeing most of these folks since I've been back. I'm looking forward to it.

Some projects I'm working on? Designing new brochures, finish the new office building, building a playground at the primary school, and an HIV/AIDs project. So, I should be quite busy these next few months. Wish me luck!

Love, Katie


Anonymous said...

We loved having you at home - those 3 weeks went by awfully fast! Take care of yourself.


Theresa Mattiello said...

It was really good to see you Katie! Can't wait til you get to come home again! Love you!